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Saudi Arabia - Issue 24 - 19/May/1980

Summer slack won't bring down Saudi oil production

Piqued again by OPEC's failure to move back towards unified oil prices, the Saudis have boosted their own price by $2 and let it be known that they will continue lifting an extra 1 million b/d indefinitely. The fight is now on again for the next level of oil prices, with the Saudis lined up against the hawks. The Saudis appear this time to have every intention of winning.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 23 - 05/May/1980

Capacity boost to 12mn b/d likely to drag up output

There seems little doubt that the Saudis have speeded up their capacity expansion programme to permit sustained output of 12 million b/d by next year. That does not mean they will actually produce as much initially, but there is plenty of pressure to increase output substantially. If they do, then they will have no choice but to spend a lot of money developing additional reserves.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 22 - 21/Apr/1980

Terms of trade change with OECD countries in 1979

Final 1979 trade statistics for most of the major OECD countries provide a preliminary idea of how trade with Saudi Arabia developed during a year in which the kingdom's oil revenue jumped with successive price rises. Imports appear to have fallen off once again by as much as half, while Saudi Arabia's trade surplus as a percentage of tot a! trade turnover is now hovering around 30%.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 21 - 07/Apr/1980

Mobil gets away first in the race to build ethylene plants

Mobil has become the first foreign joint venture partner to agree with Sabic on the construction of a giant ethylene plant, the kingpin of the Saudi petrochemical development plan. By doing so it has stolen a march on its competitors, even though such key matters as input prices and oil entitlements have yet to be decided upon. Shell is expected to be the next ethylene partner to sign.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 20 - 24/Mar/1980

Political goodwill has not corrected trade imbalance

President Giscard d'Estaing's five-hour visit to Riyadh at the end of his tour of the Gulf states and Jordan has been described as of special significance by Prince Saud, the Foreign Minister. But political agreement is not helping France's growing trade deficit with the kingdom, and French trade officials see few ways to reverse the trend.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 19 - 10/Mar/1980

Encouraging local initiative to solve the housing problem

The new Saudi five year plan not surprisingly emphasizes urban improvement and low cost housing in recognition of the growing strain on existing facilities created by rapid urbanization and as part of a continuing programme of wealth distribution. Progress in tackling the obvious housing problem during the current plan has been mixed, and various logistical obstacles need to be overcome.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 18 - 25/Feb/1980

Will output in 1980 satisfy growing Petromin demand?

As OPEC members debate the possibility of production cuts to maintain price levels in 1980, the West lives in hope that Saudi Arabia will maintain current output levels. The Saudis do not enjoy over-producing because it shortens the life of their reserves and impairs relations with the rest of OPEC. But if Aramco is to expand capacity, the Saudis may not be able to cut back.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 17 - 11/Feb/1980

Bastern province Shiites celebrate Iran's revolution with riots

There have been scarcely any reports of renewed incidents of violence among Saudi Arabia's Shiite minority at the beginning of this month. The Saudi authorities evidently managed an almost complete clampdown on information, yet there is no doubt that considerable rioting took place. But serious though the disturbances are, there seems little prospect of them spreading to the Sunni majority of the kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 16 - 28/Jan/1980

If the oil scandal dies, Yamani might make a new oil deal

The complex tale of Italy's direct oil dealings with Saudi Arabia have taken another turn with a suggestion that a new agreement may be negotiable. If the Saudis are prepared to change their minds, it is evidence of disagreement at the top in Saudi Arabia and perhaps of a linked arms deal. But whatever happens, the Saudis do not want to get involved again in the muddy waters of Italian politics.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 15 - 14/Jan/1980

Entitlements confusion questions whole industrial strategy

Now that the Japanese have given the go ahead for the first of Saudi Arabia's petrochemical joint ventures, more might be expected to follow. But there are still questions to be answered regarding oil entitlements and the pricing of gas feedstocks. Any reduction of the entitlement is going to make foreign partners less willing to take the very real commercial risks involved in the projects.

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