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Saudi Arabia - Issue 08 - 24/Sep/1979

Brazil makes its play as the Saudis worry about Washington

Saudi interest in diversifying sources of arms supplies is reviving as Riyadh's refusal to back the Egyptian peace treaty raises antagonism in the US Congress. Waiting in the wings to make a major penetration of the Gulf arms market is one of the Third World's largest producers, Brazil. The Brazilians are prepared to go for barter deals, and their machinery is more adaptable to Middle East conditions.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 07 - 10/Sep/1979

US Congress tackles the oil companies foreign tax credits

The concerted campaign against oil companies in the United States has led to congressional reappraisal of the foreign tax credits they receive. Cutbacks in these credits would however reduce Aramco's expansion budget in the Kingdom, as well as appear to the Saudis like further criticism of the level of revenue they justifiably expect from their vital depletable resource.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 06 - 27/Aug/1979

Standing by to defend the dollar and piees

The performance of the dollar is worrying OPEC again. The chances are that Saudi Arabia will manage to forestall any action, but the fight to do so will be tougher than it has been in the past.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 05 - 13/Aug/1979

Washington ponders Arab funds despite Saudi good conduct

An inconclusive three-day subcommittee hearing in the House of Representatives into the question of OPEC investment in the United States has perceptibly angered the Saudis. Even Congress' General Accounting Office (GAO) admitted that OPEC funds posed no real threat to the American economy or banks, although it questioned the fact that these countries' holdings are not individually disclosed.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 04 - 30/Jul/1979

France in the arms market with tanks and training

As president Giscard d'Estaing stopped off in Abu Dhabi this month on his way to the Pacific, Defence Minister Yvon Bourges was eagerly negotiating a new round of French arms contracts with the Saudis. The French have in mind an integrated deal to equip, organize and train three armoured brigades. The purpose behind the bid to sell arms to Saudi Arabia is to cover their oil import bill.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 03 - 29/Jul/1979

The Saudis turn on the tap to restore the marker price

Pre-Geneva bargaining has turned into reality: the Saudis have finally and unequivocally announced that they are raising production on a temporary basis. The real reason for this move - to calm the market and stabilize prices - shines through the transparency of the official announcement's claim that the Kingdom needs extra revenue to fund its development program, but still does not guarantee success.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 02 - 15/Jul/1979

Military conscription to absorb growing arsenal

Developments in Iran and the Middle East, together with Saudi doubts about Washington's ultimate commitment to the defence of the regime, have impelled the Kingdom to put its military expansion plans into top gear. A very high level of defence spending is one of the few certainties about the next Five-Year Development Plan, and again US contractors can be expected to win most of the work.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 01 - 01/Jul/1979

Safeguarding domination in building

Although the South Koreans are passing through a particularly painful phase of economic readjustment, including a sharp shift away from their previous export mania, the Seoul government has acted swiftly and with apparent success to reassure the Saudis of its commitment to the Kingdom's public housing program, in which South Korean construction firms enjoy a position of lucrative domination.

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