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Saudi Arabia - Issue 17 - 11/Feb/1980

Bastern province Shiites celebrate Iran's revolution with riots

There have been scarcely any reports of renewed incidents of violence among Saudi Arabia's Shiite minority at the beginning of this month. The Saudi authorities evidently managed an almost complete clampdown on information, yet there is no doubt that considerable rioting took place. But serious though the disturbances are, there seems little prospect of them spreading to the Sunni majority of the kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 16 - 28/Jan/1980

If the oil scandal dies, Yamani might make a new oil deal

The complex tale of Italy's direct oil dealings with Saudi Arabia have taken another turn with a suggestion that a new agreement may be negotiable. If the Saudis are prepared to change their minds, it is evidence of disagreement at the top in Saudi Arabia and perhaps of a linked arms deal. But whatever happens, the Saudis do not want to get involved again in the muddy waters of Italian politics.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 15 - 14/Jan/1980

Entitlements confusion questions whole industrial strategy

Now that the Japanese have given the go ahead for the first of Saudi Arabia's petrochemical joint ventures, more might be expected to follow. But there are still questions to be answered regarding oil entitlements and the pricing of gas feedstocks. Any reduction of the entitlement is going to make foreign partners less willing to take the very real commercial risks involved in the projects.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 14 - 17/Dec/1979

Hyundai caught red-handed casts shadow over Korean business

Within the space of a few months South Korea's President Chung Park Hee has been assassinated and S Y Park, Hyundai's manager of Saudi operations, has been allegedly arrested on grounds of bribery. It is tempting to draw conclusions from this coincidence of name and timing about the spread of South Korea's economic malaise into its contractors' operational abilities in the kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 13 - 03/Dec/1979

A nasty smell of scandal in Rome sours relations with Riyadh

Italy's ENI is the subject of scandalous rumours surrounding a highly advantageous direct oil supply agreement made in the summer with Saudi Arabia. For local political reasons, the issue has become a cause celebre in Italy, but if any more revelations come out the Saudis are quite liable to rethink their policy of selling oil directly to a government which cannot avoid scandal.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 12 - 19/Nov/1979

Poles apart, two regimes find a common interest

South Yemeni President Abdul Fattah Ismail is due to visit Saudi Arabia shortly, marking an upturn in relations between two countries with diametrically opposed political sympathies. In the present conjuncture of Gulf rivalries, it makes considerable sense for Riyadh to make friendly noises to Aden even though Ismail has signed a 20-year friendship and cooperation treaty with the Soviet Union.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 11 - 05/Nov/1979

Pricing contracts in dollars is one way to protect the riyal

The recent IMF internal report on Saudi Arabia suggested that a clampdown on offshore trading in the riyal was imminent, as the Ministry of Finance became more worried about speculation in the currency. The move to price larger contracts in dollars should prove a more effective way of regaining control than irksome legislation or applying informal pressure on offenders.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 10 - 22/Oct/1979

Shell unwilling to move on $2bn ethylene plant

New doubts have arisen about the scale and future of Saudi Arabia's ambitious petrochemical plans. Shell Oil of the United States has indicated that talks on its joint venture with the Saudis for an ethylene complex at Jubail have stalled. Issues which have to be settled before an agreement is reached include oil entitlements, gas prices, marketing and progress on a parallel oil-export refinery scheme.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 09 - 08/Oct/1979

An extra million b/d now is a declaration of intent to OPEC

OPEC's price hawks are on the wing and the spot market is bullish. Saudi Arabia is trying desperately to hold the ring and dampen price pressure by maintaining its higher production ceiling for another quarter. But if the market continues to run against it, then Saudi strategy is paving the way for a very angry OPEC conference in December - and perhaps another OPEC split.

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Saudi Arabia - Issue 08 - 24/Sep/1979

Brazil makes its play as the Saudis worry about Washington

Saudi interest in diversifying sources of arms supplies is reviving as Riyadh's refusal to back the Egyptian peace treaty raises antagonism in the US Congress. Waiting in the wings to make a major penetration of the Gulf arms market is one of the Third World's largest producers, Brazil. The Brazilians are prepared to go for barter deals, and their machinery is more adaptable to Middle East conditions.

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