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Iraq: Badiya Bint Ali, last Iraqi Hashemite princess, dies

Princess Badiya Bint Ali Bin Hussein, the last surviving princess of the short-lived Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq, died on 9 May in London, aged 100. Badiya’s father, Ali Bin Hussein, was temir of Mecca and king of Hejaz until he was overthrown in 1925 by Ibn Saud, who went on to found modern Saudi Arabia in 1932.Ali Bin Hussein’s brother (and Badiya’s uncle) was King Faisal I of Iraq (1921-33). Faisal’s son Ghazi ruled from 1933 until 1939 and was married to Badiya’s sister Aliya; their son Faisal II was the last king of Iraq, overthrown in the July 1958 coup which ushered in a republic.

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