Gulf States Newsletter - Issue 974 - 17/07/2014

On 8 July, Houthi tribal fighters in Yemen overran the provincial capital of Amran, seizing the headquarters of the 310th Armoured Brigade, and installing themselves in the city. More than 200 people were killed in the fighting, and many more wounded. Tens of thousands of citizens fled the fighting, seeking refuge in other parts of the province, or moving towards Sanaa, just 50km away. The army camp was handed back to the government on 12 June, but the situation remains tense and recriminations are flying. The Houthi militias, led by Sheikh Ali Abu Al-Hakem, have promised to withdraw from Amran but have yet to provide a timeline. Fighting in the province, between the Shiite Houthis and government troops and allied Sunni fighters, has been flaring since March, and previous attempts at a ceasefire have failed

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