African Energy Data Book

The generation capacity of a majority of African electricity supply industries (ESIs) has seen strong growth since the start of the decade, according to the first African Energy Data Book, which was launched at the fifth annual African Investment Exchange: Power and Renewables meeting in London on 14 November. Across the continent, installed capacity has increased by more than 63% to 236GW since 2010, the data from African Energy show. In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), capacity at end-2018 is expected to be nearly 50% greater than in 2010. Supported by Power Africa, the African Energy Data Book has been designed to support industry professionals with 128 pages of comprehensive statistics on the energy mix in each of the continent’s countries and regions.The book complements the established and hugely popular African Energy Atlas to ensure that up-to-date and reliable information is always at hand. The statistics are built out of the giant database underpinning the African Energy Live Data platform, which contains more than 5,500 project records individually curated and updated by the African Energy team. Avoiding opaque forecasting and projections, the data is instead derived from an analysis of timelines for every project in the pipeline. Each figure can be traced back to real developments on the ground and not a generalised algorithm or hypothetical policy.

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